The Evil Truth

by Paula Harrington
Many tears have been shed due to the recent shooting in Arizona, another example of how evil and sin have permeated our world.
These days, it’s difficult to watch the news without feeling discouraged and disgusted at how deep our world is sinking into an immoral abyss. However, to blame the politics of this nation for such an act isn’t fully comprehending what’s going on around us.
We are in a spiritual war.
The Devil is at work in the hearts and minds of millions. He’ll use whatever tactics he can to harm, tempt, incite, and sway the masses from God. Tragically taking the lives of good people and precious, innocent children is right up his alley.
Exploiting those who are weak and ill is his forte. In fact, he hopes all of us will make that dreaded decision to walk away from the Lord and into the clutches of sin and wickedness.
Regardless of what the adversary does in this world, regardless of his plans, his actions, or the harm he inflicts, it is comforting to know that he will lose in the end. He is doomed to fail.
So amid this battle let us set our minds on things above (Colossians 3:2).
Let us be ambassadors for Christ in an evil, dark world (2 Corinthians 5:20).
Let us sing in dire circumstances (Acts 16:25), soak our days in prayer (I Thessalonians 5:17), and be the voices crying out in the wilderness (Matthew 3:1-3).
Let us fight against the powers of this world with an arsenal of faith, hope, and love (Ephesians 6:10-18, I Corinthians 13:13).
Let us never forget that the same God who spoke the world into existence is on our side (Romans 8:31).
That doesn’t mean that we won’t be attacked. It doesn’t mean that we won’t hurt or suffer at the enemy’s hands but it does mean that we will win. Our father has already been victorious and he will continue to be our refuge and strength in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).
Don’t be afraid of the opposition. His works, no matter how atrocious, cannot keep us from our Lord.
Stand firm and persevere to see the glory of God. There’s a great day coming.

4 thoughts on “The Evil Truth

  1. Paula,
    Just to let you know if you didn’t already, but 2 of the victims were members at the Mt. Ave Church of Christ in Tucson. I got this from a former school mate who is the secretary of the congregation: “Thanks Jack – Dorwan was incredible – he was always at the door greeting everyone, giving hugs – always made me feel so special just for being there, just like John Shores always did growing up in our Coolidge church. He handled all the “honey-dos” at church, even getting up on the roof when needed despite his 2 artificial knees, and too numerous to count “stents” in his heart. When the gunman approached shooting he threw his body onto his wife’s to protect her and was killed. She had a gun shot that went into her leg and out the other side so will be “O.K.”. Both were 76 – ”
    Dorwan Stoddard was the brother who was killed.
    God bless.

  2. This is so true. Satan will use any means and any moment to distract us and keep us from focusing on what’s important: working towards eternal salvation.
    We often hear of tragedy, but it’s very sad that tragedies are used to pit us against each other.
    Thank you for using Acts 16:25 (Paul and Silas singing.) It’s comforting right now to think that having the faith and ability to “sing in dire circumstances” can be most beneficial.

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