A Mother Helped in the Deception

Jacob pretended to be his brother Esau, deceiving their father for a blessing, and supplanting Esau as the one who should have received the blessing. However, the idea came from their mother Rebekah, and she made all the preparations for the deception, including cooking the food that Isaac wanted before he blessed his son, and she gave Jacob Esau’s clothing, and put baby goat skins on Jacob to make him hairy like his brother (Genesis 27:14-17).
She favored Jacob over Esau, and Isaac favored Esau over Jacob, and this is what happened.
We do well to love our children equally so that we do not create a competition among them and we certainly do not want a competition between the parents.
This is a concern not only when children are small, but when they are grown, as Esau and Jacob were.

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