Some People Just Will Not Repent

“Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory” (Revelation 16:8, 9).
Have you heard it said that there is a way to reach everyone? Revelation 16:8, 9 show that not everyone will repent, regardless of how much they suffer for their sins.
When the fourth angel poured out his golden bowl of wrath on the sun, great heat sought to purge people of their sin, but they refused to do so. They did not care what they suffered, they just wanted to continue to live in their sin.
Rather than repenting look at what they did. They blasphemed the name of God, and it did not even occur to them that they should change their lives, because they did not make the connection between their suffering and their sins.
To them the purpose of life was not to glorify God, but to be glorified and to enjoy pleasure.
What has been the purpose of your life?

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