Rahab the Harlot

by John Henson
Was God being inconsistent when he saved Rahab the harlot?
Atheists point out a seeming contradiction involving Rahab’s lie to her Jericho friends, by saying that God was inconsistent for preserving Rahab because of her sin.
True, Rahab had lied when hiding Israel’s spies, but it was in spite of the lie and because of her growing faith that God justified her. It was by the works of an obedient faith that she was saved.
Mistaking God’s compassion and forgiveness as inconsistent is wrong. People commit sins. It is still true, however, that people can be forgiven of their sins despite their flaws.
God’s compassion is not inconsistent with his mercy and goodness, or with his justice and punishment.
Concerning the decision of Judah’s government to create an alliance with Egypt for relief against the Assyrians, God said, “Egypt’s help is worthless and empty; therefore I have called her “Rahab who sits still” (Isaiah 30:7 ESV).
Had Rahab sat still, she would have been like her neighbors in Jericho: faithless and disobedient. Instead, she showed her obedient faith in God by not sitting still.
She decided to do the right thing by believing and obeying God.
God always rewards obedient faith and was completely consistent in his actions toward Rahab, despite her flaws.

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