The Lamb Opened the Fourth Seal

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal on the scroll that He had taken from God, John heard the fourth living creature inviting, “Come and see.”
Then John saw a pale horse and the rider’s name was Death, and Hades was right there following Death.
With the power given to him, he took one fourth of the earth by various means of death (Revelation 6:7, 8).
Death was with the second horse, when peace was taken from the earth and people would kill each other. Why the special mention here?
With the second horse, death was the result of another problem, but here Death is the problem itself.
Hades follows death, eager to collect the dead, because Hades never cries “Enough!”
Death and Hades received power over a fourth of the earth to kill in four different ways, so that Christians sometimes suffer fatally for their faith, and this leads to the next seal.
This could also be judgment on the world for its stand against Christians.

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