National Geographic and the Bible

by John Henson
“Was there ever, thousands of years ago, a personage named Abraham?” was the beginning sentence of the cover story in the December 2001 issue of National Geographic.
Nine years later, the same question was asked in the December 2010 issue of the same publication about Kings David and Solomon.
In both issues, the same answer was given: there is no way to prove any of them ever existed.
Tad Szulc, the author of the 2001 article on Abraham wrote, “Without any proof of the Patriarch’s existence, the search for a historical Abraham is even more difficult than the search for a historical Jesus.”
When dealing with the possibility that Abraham actually existed, Szulc maintains the same response, “no evidence.”
In the 2010 article on David and Solomon, author Robert Draper makes a similar statement. “despite decades of searching, archeologists had found no solid evidence that David or Solomon ever built anything.”
There is a single source common to both articles, even though they’re nine-years apart. Israel Finklestein, an archeologist with Tel Aviv University contributed to both. Finkelstein has one answer to anything biblical: it isn’t so.
About the Solomonic buildings discovered and excavated by his own colleagues at the Hebrew Union College, Finklestein said the excavations couldn’t possibly have been constructed by either David or Solomon, but afterward.
Finkelstein dismissed the Bible in the 2010 article as “unscientific.” “You can find evidence in radiocarbon for David being a villager in Norway in the sixth century A.D.,” Finklestein declares. Where Solomon is concerned, Finklestein says, “Now, Solomon, I think I destroyed Solomon, so to speak. Sorry for that!”
The two articles, to be sure, were written from different perspectives, but it’s interesting that both authors would go to a self-professed cynic for opinions of the existence of Bible characters. Both articles say basically the same thing. When it comes to the Bible, there is no proof as to its accuracy.
Those of us who have studied and believe the truth of the Bible know the proof is in the book. We know whom we have believed.

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