The Ephesians Plan for Unity (1)

by Richard Mansel, managing editor
diversepeople2.jpgThe Christian world debates endlessly over how we can unite together, so religious division can end. Christians hate to see the religious world savagely divided.
Everyone has their own theory to end the suffering. Books on unity fill shelves and discussions are ubiquitous. Yet, if we pursue the fallible plans, we will find perpetual frustration.
Unity in Christ is much more than agreeing to disagree with one another. We do not gather and sift through our beliefs and arrive at a suitable number of agreements and disagreements before the unity formula is complete.
Humans cannot get together and decide to unify or force anyone to bind together. This is a fallacy. Unity occurs in Christ and only he has the answer to the peace we desire. We do not need a new program, fancy slogans or more spending because the answer has always been here.
Satan wants us to focus on one another, rather than Christ. As long as we stand and point fingers at one another, Christ is merely a shadow on the wall.
Christ has the answer to unity in Ephesians 2:11-22. We need to absorb the lessons contained in this passage. Jesus brought the Jews and Gentiles together in the Church and in the unity of the Spirit. He can do the same for us, if we will submit to him.
The hostility between the Jews and Gentiles was legendary. God ignored their petty grievances and simply advanced his agenda for unity. Nothing dissuades the Lord from his mission. The mystery proclaimed through the years was that Jews and Gentiles would have unity in one body (Ephesians 3:4-9).
An examination of the text shows how unity is accomplished. We would do very well to be
attentive to the lessons contained in this passage.

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