The True Stars of the World

Reading Daniel 11 gives the impression that the enemies of ancient Israel would prevail, although the chapter did offer slivers of hope that the people who knew God would do wonderful things.
Daniel 12 then assures us that God was always there, working behind the scenes for the benefit of His people. It is important to note that the chapter begins with two affirmations in verse 1, that the things of chapter 12 would happen at the time of the events of chapter 11 when the Greeks were doing their exploits.
When the Greeks reigned over the Jews, there would be Jews who knew God and would carry out exploits, and they would instruct many (Daniel 11:32-35), and they would be blessed with everlasting life, seen as heroes of the people, shining like the stars, whereas those Jews who compromised with the Greeks, adopting their religion, would experience everlasting contempt (Daniel 12:2, 3).
Therefore, the true stars of the world are those who know God and teach others to know Him!
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