Dinosaur Tissue Recovered

by Barry Newton
Reminiscent of a Sherlock Holmes’ investigation, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer’s new article, “Blood from Stone,” weaves together her scientific adventure discovering organic dinosaur remains and how some within the scientific community have been resistant.
While careful not to overstate her case, the Scientific American article records how an acid process has enabled the recovery of dinosaur “blood vessels, bone cells and bits of the fingernail-like material that makes up claws.”
Additionally, she and her colleagues have even been able to sequence some recovered dinosaur proteins.
The article’s subtitle promotes her major point, “Mounting evidence from dinosaur bones shows that, contrary to common belief, organic materials can sometimes survive in fossils for millions of years.”
Might there be another conclusion?
She notes that scientific skepticism against her claims have been fueled by: “Test tube studies of organic molecules indicated that proteins should not persist more than a million years or so; DNA had an even shorter life span.” With T-Rex conventionally regarded as 65 million years old, who can fault her detractors for having been so critical?
And yet, there is her other disturbing little quote: “Science operates on the principle of parsimony–the simplest explanation for all the data is assumed to be the correct one.”
So what is the simplest explanation about organic dinosaur remains?

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Tissue Recovered

  1. The simplest explanations are either that the scientists have drawn the wrong conclusions about how long organic molecules and proteins can last, or they have miscalculated the age of the fossils of T-Rex and other dinosaurs.

  2. Occam’s razor or (Lat.) lex parsimoniae (law of parsimony), without putting too fine an edge on it, is dependable in this sense: We have a written history which has never been found incorrect though it is often disputed by those who do not obey Occam’s razor. This history or HIStory proves that dinosaurs were created by God in the same period of six day creation as was man. There is NO biblical dispute about this.
    Mark 10:6 affirms that man has existed since the beginning of creation therefore man and dinosaurs co-existed up until some period of time.
    One of the most ancient pieces of literature is the book of Job. That writer makes mention of a specific animal with which Job was familiar and the translators not knowing what to call it translated the word as “behemoth.” The word “dinosaur” is only around 100 years old. See Job 40.
    The Bushmen of Zimbabwe have left accurate paintings of the elephant, giraffe and the brontosaurus. And there are many other evidences preserved in the earth. Therefore, the most simple explanation (Occam’s razor) with this evidence in mind is to conclude that God made the animals and men just as HIStory declares.

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