Describe the Temple

Israel had sinned greatly, bringing on the Babylonian war and captivity, and the Lord wanted them to know of their sin. One way in which He sought to do this was to show them a holy temple of the future, “Son of man, describe the temple to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities; and let them measure the pattern” (Ezekiel 43:10).
Ezekiel 43:11 said that the prophet was to make known to Israel the design of the new temple and everything associated with it, and he had to write these things down in their presence, such as the law of the temple and its holiness (Ezekiel 43:12).
They needed to know what was coming, because they had witnessed the destruction of Solomon’s temple, and that broke their hearts, and seeing all this information about a new temple would remind them of their sin that had brought on the destruction.

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