Notes from the Flying Editor

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
dreamliner_2.jpg• For six days last week, I taught about 14 full-time students in a Christian training school in another part of Brazil. They had to look at my ugly mug for six hours a day. They deserve medals, because no one got sick or slept. To see young men and women dedicated to serving the Lord is encouraging.
• My wife and I taught, and I baptized, the mother of one of those young men, and I performed his parents’ wedding. Makes a fellow feel old. But it’s a good feeling, that one.
• It’s been many years since I’d been in that city. That length of time, plus some other happenings recently, brought home that some relationships get better with age; others don’t resist the passage of time. Isn’t it wonderful that our relationship with God is in the former category, as long as we stand firm in our faith?
• I traveled without a worry about Forthright articles going out. thanks to managing editor Richard Mansel’s efficient service. Oh, and he’s coming up on his 300th article for Forthright, without missing a beat. That deserves three cheers, and I hope you’ll send him a note.
• Here’s a coincidence that made hairs stand up on my arm. On our last day in the city where the training school was based, for the Bible class and sermon this past Sunday I decided to preach on passages from 1 Corinthians. I’d taught that book, along with Hebrews, in the training school, so they seemed a good choice. When I mentioned it early Sunday morning to our host family, the lady of the house pulled out her 2011 agenda, which she’d already bought. She had chosen two passages as her Bible verses for the year and had written them in the agenda. They were exactly the same as the passages I’d chosen for the Bible class and sermon: 1 Cor. 15:58 and 1 Cor 16:13-14. How cool is that?
• The year is almost gone. One more month and it’s past. Some of us have yet to obey the Lord. Have you chosen to follow him? Have you made the one, single decision that will change your eternal destiny? If not, take a look at this site:
• Only in eternity will we know how much the Lord has blessed, guided, and protected us. That’s one reason I want to get there. And to be closer to the Lord, and to you. Will you go with me?

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