Real Worship

by Stan Mitchell
“To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice,” (Proverbs 21:3, ESV).
When we were kids we played a game, where one of us would pretend to be “the King of Siam.” We would gather some unsuspecting friends, and instruct them to bow and say the following slogan, slowly at first, then faster and faster:
“Owa Tagu Siam.”
The faster you say those supposedly Siamese words the more it dawns on you that you are saying something else:
“Oh what a goose I am.”
Try it. You’ll see. Though I suggest you not do it in company. They might wonder how many fries were in that happy meal.
It’s so easy to take meaningful worship of God and turn it into nothing more than meaningless words, mere ritual. Words mean something only if you mean them.
Ancient Israelites apparently made the mistake of offering sacrifices while living in an unjust and unrighteous manner.
But, God requires more than meaningless words, uttered like a mantra; he requires a heart, and a mind, and a life.
We bow before someone far greater than the king of Siam. And when we do so thoughtlessly, we are in more danger than simply making ourselves look foolish. This Sunday when you worship him, make sure that your words and your living coincide. Otherwise, the goose might be overdone.

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