Fire from the Cherubim

In Ezekiel 10 the prophet saw a vision similar to the one that he wrote down for us in Ezekiel 1. In chapter 10 it appears that the glory of the Lord was about to depart from Jerusalem for all her sins, especially the sin of idolatry. Part of the vision including this, “Then it happened, when He commanded the man clothed in linen, saying, ‘Take fire from among the wheels, from among the cherubim,’ that he went in and stood beside the wheels. And the cherub stretched out his hand from among the cherubim to the fire that was among the cherubim, and took some of it and put it into the hands of the man clothed with linen, who took it and went out. The cherubim appeared to have the form of a man’s hand under their wings” (Ezekiel 10:6-8).
What a sight for Ezekiel to behold! He must have wondered what was going on, but he would soon learn that the Lord’s patience with Jerusalem had run out and punishment became the only way to deal with the beloved city.
When you read this chapter, be sure to use your imagination to see what the prophet saw.

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