by Barry Newton
Years ago in anticipation of that sweet rich taste of freshly squeezed tree-ripened oranges, I purchased a citrus juicer. Eagerly I set up my workstation in the shade of the back patio. The orange tree beckoned as I selected the most premium ripe oranges.
Suddenly, crisis blocked my path. After collecting a mere half gallon of sweet nectar, the acrid smell of burning electronics confirmed the nature of the wispy smoke rising up from my new juicer.
Fear did not replace my previous joy. I knew what would happen. I would walk into the department store with my receipt, a defective juicer and recount my experience. I knew their guarantee. I would be exiting their store with a new juicer in tow.
These life events unfolded as expected. I just love guarantees.
When Jesus exhaled his last breath from the cross, a divine guarantee punched into human history. God forever solidified with permanent ink one way in which he would respond to humanity.
God’s principles of justice, grace and forgiveness will never change. Regardless of how future generations may think or act toward God, God will not rescind his promises. We can live and die with confidence in our future.
Although sin has corrupted our very being demanding God’s justice be poured out upon us, Jesus’ death unleashed a new variable into the equation capable of changing our destiny. Jesus’ blood can blot out our sins. Because of him, God can promise to forgive and to adopt into his family those who will rely upon Jesus.
Not only do I look forward to continuing to serve my Lord with the rest of my life. I know the end of the story as someone who will serve Christ. God’s promises will not change. I can live today in the certain shadow of tomorrow. I just love guarantees.

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