Look Up at Orion

by John Henson
On the cover of the November 2010 issue of Discover Magazine, the reader is asked to look up at the constellation Orion and “see where you really came from.”
The magazine’s article, written by Andrew Grant, supposes that through some kind of means of which no one knows anything about, earth and its life forms may have started forming in the hot gases of a collapsing star.
Enter the U.S. Government. Scott Sandford, of NASA’s Ames Research Center in California believes organic molecules, such as oxygen, carbon, methane, and ammonia circulating in dust clouds in space could have somehow been the beginnings of the building blocks of life.
“Similar meteorites and comets would have blanketed Earth with organic chemicals from the time it was born about 4.5 billion years ago until the era when life appeared,” Grant wrote.
What follows is an article explaining the idea of this theory with the words “maybe,” “could have been,” “might have happened.” This is plainly demonstrated in one of Grant’s final statements in the article:
“It may not be a question of whether life’s chemistry began in space or in meteorites on the surface of a planet (or moon). All three environments may very well have lent a hand.”
In order to make the idea plausible, Grant said scientists bring back a model used before to explain the beginnings of life: the primordial pond that was struck by lightning.
What the article does do, quite convincingly, is show us how scientists think and to what lengths they will go to try to come up with a solution to their basic, profoundly difficult problem of proving the formation of life from inanimate matter. Christians know the universe, and everything in it, was created by God from nothing. But science believes in pre-existent matter.
They cannot prove it. Nor shall they ever prove that living beings sprang from dead matter. Blinded by their theories and by their inability to find real, substantive proof, they grasp at anything that may sound plausible. Then, they wrap it all up in a nice wrapper and try to sell it.
Faithful Christians encourage people to look up ? not to Orion ? but to God who is the true first cause of everything he created. There is plenty of proof that God exists and that he created everything in heaven and on Earth.

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J. Randal Matheny

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