Restlessness of Youth

by Richard Mansel, managing editor
angryteens2.jpgAs the sky faded from red to black, the young man made a decision. He had to leave; it did not matter where. He just had to get away. The fire in his heart raged uncontrollably.
He went to see his father and asked for his inheritance, so he could be his own man. His father reluctantly agreed, and his son left. His dreams were limitless and his step was light with promise. However, reality was a far greater foe, as ruin was his lot (Luke 15:11-13).
The restlessness of youth is an undeniable fact. They are growing and trying to find their way in the world. They are grasping for their destiny and identity anywhere they can find it. Their inherent restlessness is a tool for Satan to exploit and he is phenomenally skilled.
When their homes do not provide what they are looking for, or they find the right guide with a broken compass, they will wander away and seek other avenues of fulfillment. They might turn towards drugs, alcohol, and sex and live a life against societal standards, hoping this will satisfy the rage in their hearts.
Satan pulls them as far into the abyss as he can. We pray that they will realize their folly and return before it is too late, as the lost son did (Luke 15:14-19).
As parents, we must remain close and involved with our children. If we are too busy for them, they will turn to someone else. Know their friends and their habits and give them alternatives to self-destructive behavior. Guide them through teaching and prepare them for the various scenarios they will face.
As a congregation, we must provide a safe place for them to learn, grow and mature. Get them involved, so they feel a part of the work.
Spiritual restlessness is a danger, as well. Young people are susceptible to following false doctrines that are different from that of their parents. The church businesses of the day refuse to acknowledge sin, so immorality and a faux spirituality find a way to co-exist.
If we do not find a way to help our young people deal with the spiritual restlessness, what will happen to our congregations? We must teach them the necessity of sanctification. Facilitating immorality to keep them attending is Satan’s plan of choice.
Older people need to remember what being young means and we need to invest a lot of time and energy into our youth and help them grow spiritually. We need to help them see that what they need above all is Christ, so they can find the fulfillment they seek (Revelation 3:20).

One thought on “Restlessness of Youth

  1. Great article, Richard. I know why young people don’t understand older folks. They haven’t been there. But I am amazed at how many older folks do not understand our youth. How soon we forget! Too often they get criticism when they need guidance and help. Parents and elders need to “get it.”

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