More Like Smith

by John Henson
girl-reading-bible2.jpgMuch has been written lately about the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s survey that showed atheists know more about religion than religion’s adherents.
But the survey also shows that many people who call themselves Christians can’t correctly answer questions like, “Where was Jesus born,” or “Who was the Biblical figure who led the Israelites out of Egypt?” A recent Seattle Times article about the survey said religious people showed an inability to answer even the basic questions about their religion.
Churches of Christ have always been known as Bible reading and Bible understanding people. The joke was told in the 20th Century that a Rutherford County, Tennessee court clerk forgot to bring a Bible into the courtroom one day, and the judge said, “That’s all right, Smith, there, is a member of the church of Christ. He knows more Bible than anybody.” Witnesses then took the oath by placing their hand on Smith’s head.
Unfortunately, things are not that way anymore. In the past, members of the church routinely memorized the scriptures, but how many children in Bible classes do? Even in adult classes, many people can’t answer even the most basic Bible questions. How does one prove the existence of God? Many people in the church don’t know. Perhaps, it’s time for us to become more like Smith.
With this resource people can learn more about the reasons for the existence of God, the worship we give him, and the basic tents of our profession of Christ.
So, keep reading this magazine and encourage your friends to read it. Keep attending Bible study and worship. Ask the questions you have so you may learn more about the Bible and the kingdom of God. Memorize more of the Bible and become more Bible literate, like Smith.

2 thoughts on “More Like Smith

  1. I agree 100%! My thinking is that we need to have a bible class on Apologetics as per 1 Peter 3:15-16. Most COC members can’t tell you why we don’t have musical instruments, why baptism is essential for salvation, or why we don’t hold to the “once saved always saved doctrine.” Or, why don’t we tithe, why don’t we have women pastors or elders, on and on.
    Of course, most can’t tell you why we believe the bible to be totally inerrant, why we believe in young-earth creationism, why Jesus is the only way to heaven or why evolution is wrong.
    I’m sure most of you can add to this list, but the point I’m wanting to make is that we need more and more people like “Smith” who can staunchly and passionately defend the faith for which we hold.

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