Digging Deeply

by Stan Mitchell
DanDierdorf2.jpgA couple of years ago, commentator Dan Dierdorff was fired from the popular Monday Night Football program because he “sounded pompous,” when he spoke. A little investigation revealed the fact that he used too many “big” words in his commentary, and that “turned some listeners off.”
Now there’s a remarkable thing: An intelligent ex-football player. And someone didn’t like it because he used some words that were longer than two syllables.
Why does our society mock the smart kid as a nerd and glorify the monosyllabic kid as cool? Why do we dismiss a book or TV program because it’s too complicated, or it takes too much effort to follow? Why do we put such a premium on ignorance? Why do we seem to glory in a society of mediocrity?
Have you taken out a copy of the Declaration of Independence lately? Can you believe the big words and profound thinking those supposedly backward people of the 1700’s used? In religion, too, we seem to require snap answers rather than thoughtful study of scripture, cliches rather than Bible quotations.
“Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses the way,” (Proverbs 19:2, ESV).
This week, for a moment, turn off the TV and read a good book. We cannot reap deep discipleship when we sow shallow teaching. While there certainly is a place in Christianity for Sunday School for children, Christians interested in serving God well cannot be content with hymn lyrics, sermons and prayers that are little more than baby talk.
Dig deeply from the well, for the well of God’s wisdom is indeed deep, and life sustaining!

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