Battle Cries in the Summer Fruits of Moab

Isaiah chapters 15 and 16 prophesied of the destruction of arrogant Moab. In Isaiah 16:8, 9 the prophet spoke of the abundance of Moab’s agriculture that would no longer produce. The prophet said that he would bewail what would happen to Moab, (after all Moab was a relative of Israel), summarizing with these words the change that would come over the nation,
For battle cries have fallen
Over your summer fruits and your harvest.
(Isaiah 16:8-9)
Picture a place close to your home where farmers grow summer fruits and then picture an invading army there as they ravage your homeland. That was why Isaiah would wail, for although Moab had become wicked, still the nation had descended from Lot, who was Abraham’s nephew!
Sometimes war has to come, but it is still a sad sight.

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