The Lord and His Vineyard

Isaiah 5 uses a vineyard to represent Jerusalem and Judah in a song, and the Lord wanted the people to see that the Lord had done everything to create a vineyard with the best grapes,
Now let me sing to my Well-beloved
A song of my Beloved regarding His vineyard:
My Well-beloved has a vineyard
On a very fruitful hill.
He dug it up and cleared out its stones,
And planted it with the choicest vine.
He built a tower in its midst,
And also made a winepress in it;
So He expected it to bring forth good grapes,
But it brought forth wild grapes.
(Isaiah 5:1-2)
Look what the Lord did in creating His vineyard. He choose the best location, and He made it better. He picked the best vine. He provided a defense. He had a winepress there.
Logically, He expected the best grapes, but it produced bad grapes. Later in the song He asked what more could He have done that He did not do (Isaiah 5:4).
So it was with Judah and Jerusalem. He did everything for them that they might be the best nation, but they became like the other nations.
Now let us look to ourselves. The Lord has provided everything for us to be the best people, but often Christians turn out like the rest of the world. Why? Has the Lord left something undone?
Let us rejoice in everything He has done for us, and let us use everything He provides that He might find good fruit in us.

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