Travels and Love

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
interstate22.jpg• Trust, like sanctification, seems both a state and a process. It is a decision to rest in the promise of God, but it also presents itself to me, at the moment, as that constant movement away from worldly props toward fullest confident in divine providence, of “letting go and letting God,” as the popular phrase captures the idea. This is a confession of my own struggles as we watch the Lord work in his own time (I would have written “slowly”) to replace our lost funding.
• I’m writing from the city of Hinesville, Georgia., near the gates of Fort Stewart, having preached and presented our work in the Allenhurst congregation. The church is made up mostly of military personnel. Appropriate all the more since on Saturday we remembered those who died on Sept. 11, 2001, and prayed that this may never happen again.
• For only the second time ever, Forthright Magazine’s managing editor Richard Mansel and I spent some time together personally, this weekend. We are good friends by Internet, but have had little time together in person. Richard is the preacher with the Allenhurst church and made possible our visit here with the congregation. We’re grateful to him for this opportunity and for all he’s done for the Kingdom of God, not least of which are his efforts with the ezine. Were it not for him, Forthright Magazine would never have come so far.
• Thanks, also, to Richard these past weeks for posting my editorials and sending them out by email. He’s done double duty, in spite of his recent health issues, for which we ask your prayers.
• Today’s editorial is shorter, since a long trip lies ahead of us. I wrote to a friend earlier this morning that, in our many travels over the past weeks, the older I get the less I like traveling, and I always was a homebody. But it’s very good for me, because these travels remind me of how many good followers of Christ there are, and how much love exists in the kingdom.

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