Where Were You?

by Paula Harrington
towersburn3.jpgI was at home with a nine-month old who still wasn’t sleeping through the night. When the phone rang that Tuesday morning, I wearily made my way across the room. I’ll never forget the anguish in my friend’s voice when she said, “Turn on the TV.”
Where were you September 11, 2001? Did you overdose on the wealth of information that was streamed 24/7? Could you turn the television off, even when you saw those towers fall repeatedly?
I’m sure you remember exactly where you were that Friday years before in November. Were you in school, at work, or home when you heard the news that our 35th President of the United States had been assassinated?
What about the Sunday when Pearl Harbor was attacked? Recently, friends were talking about how their family gathered around their radios listening to the newsman, hoping beyond hope, that it was a cruel joke.
Throughout our history, moments and events have captured the attention of the world. Dates are permanently etched so deeply in our memories that we will never forget the day or place where we first heard the news.
In all of time though, there has never been a day worse than when they crucified our Lord. However, that dreadful day was quickly followed by the greatest and I’m certain the early believers inquired of one another, “Where were you when you heard he had risen?”
Thankfully, Jesus did rise and most assuredly is returning (John 14:3). That moment will capture the attention of every person who has ever lived. We may even have the opportunity to ask each other, “Where were you when Jesus came back?”
Eternity is near. Are you ready?

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