Not the Size of Our Projects

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
construction1.jpg• I’m writing today from the San Antonio, Texas, home of Forthright Magazine’s most ancient columnist, Barry Newton Barry and Sofia are friends de longa data, from way back (we’re talking 1970s). Barry was our first columnist and has been writing Forthright articles since around 1997. We’re grateful for his faithfulness to this task and for their work for the Lord.
• Since arriving in the U.S. Wednesday, we’ve slept in four different cities, four different beds. But kind Christian hospitality leaves me feeling rested. (That doesn’t mean I couldn’t use a nap.)
• Last week we visited the facilities of World Video Bible School in Maxwell, Tex., and gave thanks to the Lord to see the quality job this group of God’s people are doing through video to teach the gospel and train workers in the Kingdom. The Lord is certainly pleased when his people use every means possible for spiritual purposes.
• The editors are tinkering with options for a new website. We don’t have any relaunch date set, since we’re in the initial idea stage, but we’re looking at providing updated service and better design. Watch for future announcements.
• When I’m tempted to discouragement because of the modesty of our efforts for the Lord, five loaves and two fish come to mind. The Lord does much with little, always has. Not the size of our projects, but our heart’s desire for his glory is the raw materials of his power.
Tim Hall will be taking extended leave from the magazine. Tim does a tremendous job of using current events to draw spiritual lessons. We will miss his contributions and pray for his return. You can keep up with Tim’s writings on his weekly ezine, “Lightgrams“.
• Yesterday in the Buda/Kyle congregation, preacher Bobby Burris taught the Bible class on Hebrews 12. His good remarks reminded me that the Lord is still working in my life to discipline me for greater holiness in his presence and usefulness in the Kingdom. Until the last day, he seeks to purify his children and fit them for eternity. I need that reminder. How about you?
• By this time next week, we’ll have traveled hundreds of miles to sleep in more beds in different states. This homebody misses his quiet corner of the world, but the next several weeks promise good things to come. Stay tuned.

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