Partaking of Communion for the First Time

by Jeff A. Jenkins
communiontray.jpgCassandra called our office two weeks ago because she was struggling through a difficult time. She was requesting financial assistance. She had not eaten in two days.
Our office staff called one of our men who does an outstanding job helping those with special needs and he went to work. He and his wife took the young lady a meal, helped her out with a few other needs, and invited her to church.
Cassandra came to church with them last Sunday. She also came the following Sunday. One of our elders spoke with her about studying the Bible. He and his wife studied with her on Tuesday night and Cassandra became a Christian that night.
She read through the accounts of salvation in the book of Acts and after her study she said, “If I died today I would be lost.” She had a strong desire to obey God. Praise God for tender hearts. Praise God for concerned Christians who are willing to help. Praise God for his powerful Message.
On this Lord’s Day, Cassandra will dine with God’s people around his table for the first time in her life. She will eat the bread and drink the fruit of the fine as a Christian for the first time. She is excited about her new life and her new family.
Many of us will observe the communion today as a routine part of our lives. Some of us have partaken of the Lord’s Supper thousands of times in your life. May God help us never forget the significance of gathering together with his people to observe this wonderful feast.

Dear Father, we are thankful for every new child of yours who will observe the supper for the first time this Sunday. Please help those of us who have been Christians for many years not to take this wonderful blessing for granted.

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2 thoughts on “Partaking of Communion for the First Time

  1. Jeff,
    I appreciate your article. It would be a shame for any of us to take the Lord’s Supper for granted. May each one of us remember the first time we partook of it. We must always bear in mind what a great privilege it is to commune with our Lord!
    Terry Dow

  2. I remember my “first communion” with the saints of God at Roseville,Michigan and it floods my soul with “precious memories”! Thanks be to God for that body of His people and my “father in the gospel”, Martel Pace, for showing me “the Way” (John 14:6)and communing with me and our Lord over 40 years ago! Jack L. Openshaw

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