Life Rushes On

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
Some days float lazily down the stream of time. Some even inch forward ever so slowly. For most of us, however, those days grow fewer and farther between as the passing years gain velocity and scream past in the warp of relativity.
Then there are those days and weeks that surpass even the normal speed, when the hyperdrive of Star Trek seems a slow motion.
That’s been my last week.
As our family prepares to travel Tuesday night to the U.S., the usual to-do list gets more crowded with details of international travel. Then come the unusual — and joyful — One-Time Events. Birth of first grandchild, earlier than planned. Baptism of a lady who’d received the gospel from the wife’s teaching. (See HERE for some details.) Birthday parties. Special rush orders of printed materials. Well, you get the idea.
When it rain, it pours, somebody said. And around here, it’s the cat-and-dog variety.
The churches here are in good hands. The house will be taken care of, dogs sheltered, fish fed, bills paid.
And the soul? It, too, must be nourished. Cherished. Preserved in the midst of the currents and tides. Rescued from among the flotsam and jetsam.
In that moment of prayer, of the reading of Scripture, in that pause of meditation, in the deep breath of recognition of God, the soul freezes the flow of time, slows the avalanche of events, reorders the chaos of the whirlwind.
The more the world whips around us, the deeper we must drive the stake of God into the ground of our soul.

4 thoughts on “Life Rushes On

  1. Well said, Randal. I pray you all have a safe, joyous and productive trip! God Bless.

  2. The Lord has certainly lifted you up, brother. Now, we’ll get to see his providential care in his trip.

  3. Amen, John! He has cared for us every step of the way, including those moments when we couldn’t see the next step ahead.

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