Revealing and Concealing

Paul’s nephew heard of a conspiracy to assassinate his uncle Paul. The nephew went to Paul in prison and told him of the plot. Paul then called for a centurion and asked that he bring the young man to the commander.
The nephew then told the commander that forty Jews had bound themselves under an oath neither to eat or drink until they had killed Paul. They planned on doing this as he was transported from one place to another (Acts 23:20, 21). When Paul’s nephew revealed the plan, the commander then had the nephew conceal it, “So the commander let the young man depart, and commanded him, ‘Tell no one that you have revealed these things to me'” (Acts 23:22).
The commander made a plan to save Paul, but the commander also wanted to save Paul’s nephew. The commander acted wisely.
Sometimes we have to reveal, then conceal. Can you keep a secret?

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