A Secure Throne

by Stan Mitchell
zimbabwe2.JPGLast night a dozen thugs, barely out of their teens, broke into a village in Zimbabwe, dragging all the residents, the elderly, the very young and the pregnant into the open area between the mud and thatch huts.
Until the early hours of the morning, under a big African moon, the villagers were forced to chant government slogans, and were taught “praise songs” in honor of the president. Those whom they deemed not to have shouted with sufficient enthusiasm were beaten with sticks.
Between the slogans the young men berated the villagers for voting for the opposition party. Some villagers were accused of being disloyal citizens and were dragged into the darkness of the night. They have not returned, and no one knows if they will.
The ambition of all rulers, one supposes, is to secure their rule, whether that be by consensus, or by force.
Those who have the power to do so are tempted to do it by repressive means, by earning the fear of those whom they rule. But the Wise Man of Proverbs offers another way.
If a ruler is righteous, if his laws and his actions are godly, his people will have no legitimate reason to resent him. Why would they wish to change a rule that was civil, free and prosperous? Furthermore, God would keep his throne secure.
“It is an abomination to Kings to do evil, for the throne is established by righteousness,” (Proverbs 16:12, ESV).
Some nations vote for their rulers, and others must choose by the gun, but remember this: God alone raises up rulers, and God alone allows them to fall.

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  1. This is tragic news. It is so foreign to me to hear about unrestful governments. I’m safe here, in our bubble of America.
    This story reminds me of the temptations of Christians 2,000 years ago. I couldn’t imagine being faced with the decision, “Should I burn incense to the emperor so I can shop for food, or should I profess Christ and risk my family?” I’d like to say I would make the right decision. I feel safer not having to make the decision.
    Praise God for His blessings.
    Pray God for those who are not as blessed.

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