Is Atheism Stronger?

by John Henson
anthonyflew1.jpgOften, it may feel as if the powers of atheism will overcome and swallow us, but that is not the case.
In fact, atheism and agnosticism are fleeing before the truth of God’s word. Those who have preached the truth and defended it for so very long have set back the tide of unbelief.
Atheists are afraid of the argument from design as taught by Bible writers and were surprised and stunned by the retreat from atheism of one of their own ? Antony Flew.
One can hear this in their blogs. On, the question was asked, “So, has recent news about Flew changed your mind?” One answered, “No. Why? Why not? I’ve never heard of him.”
This, one of the most influential philosopher of the 20th Century is unknown among his audience? As someone once said, “Denial is not just a river in Egypt.”
Not only are atheists upset that Flew turned to agnosticism in 1976 during the “Warren-Flew Debate” before the expert arguments employed by Brothers Thomas B. Warren and Roy C. Deaver, they are aghast at statements Flew has made.
In a 2005 article in “Christianity Today,” Flew was asked if he was impressed by Jesus. He said, “Oh yes. He is a defining instance of a charismatic figure, perplexing in many ways, of course.” In the journal Philosophia Christi he stated: “The evidence for the Resurrection is better than for claimed miracles in any other religion.”
Could we see the demise of atheism in our lifetime? No, we will continue to see others try to make the illogical arguments, just as Flew did. We will continue to hear the resounding propagation of atheism in the classroom.
But, atheism is far from the robust belief system it once was.

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