Being Unrealistic

by Stan Mitchell
holding_hands33.jpg“The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom, and humility comes before honor” (Proverbs 15:33, ESV).
I remember when Magic Johnson, the Los Angeles Laker star, announced he was HIV Positive. There was a great deal of discussion in the media on the subject of AIDS and its prevention.
“We must,” many film stars and experts said solemnly, “educate people about this subject.” Somehow their “education” always sounded like politically correct brain washing to me.
I was watching a talk show when the subject of abstinence versus, well, undertaking “protection” was discussed. The two speakers were emotional, the conversation heated.
One was a Christian, urging the wisdom of abstinence until marriage. The other quoted statistics demonstrating that young people in big bunches were engaging in multiple sex partners.
Then came the shocker. The second man declared, “Look at these statistics! Vast numbers of kids are having sex before marriage! You’ve got to be realistic!”
And I thought, “He’s hit the nail on the head, but not the way he thinks he has.” It is so human not to listen to God. We do everything we can to avoid heeding his call.
He warns us, commands us, he urges us to be sexually pure. But humans are so proud, so hard headed, so unrealistic that we won’t listen. The problem in our society is neither a lack of education, nor an excess of homophobia, but a lack of humility.
Wait till marriage. Stay true to your spouse. This is God’s way, and any alternatives are simply not realistic!

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