Can You Thunder Like God?

God asked Job,
“Have you an arm like God?
Or can you thunder with a voice like His?”
(Job 40:9)
If Job could answer yes to those questions, then God told Job to clothe himself with majesty and splendor, to array himself with glory and beauty, to disperse the rage of his wrath, to look on everyone who is proud and humble him, to look on everyone who is proud and bring him low, to tread down the wicked in their place, to hide them in the dust together, and to bind their faces in hidden darkness (Job 40:10-13).
If Job could do those things, God acknowledged,
“Then I will also confess to you
That your own right hand can save you.”
(Job 40:14)
However, Job knew that he could not do those things and so whatever God did, Job had to accept.

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