Speaking for Someone

Elihu heard Job justify himself rather than God, but Elihu also knew that Job suffered horrendously and that he had been a righteous and good man. Therefore, although Elihu rebuked Job, Elihu also wished to stand with Job. The young man said,
“If you can answer me,
Set your words in order before me;
Take your stand.
Truly I am as your spokesman before God;
I also have been formed out of clay.
Surely no fear of me will terrify you,
Nor will my hand be heavy on you.”
(Job 33:5-7)
Elihu was for Job, but Elihu was more for God. Therefore, Elihu had things to say to Job, but not to hurt him, only to help him.
Let us help people as Elihu sought to do, respecting people, but seeking to bring them to God.

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