Winged Victory

by Barry Newton
I never thought I would live to see winged victory in a prestigious scientific journal. But there it was in full glossy color staring out at me from the pages of Scientific American.
The artist’s rendition of modern waterfowl milling about in the foreground as duck-billed dinosaurs grazed in the background was shockingly stark, not as some joke against creationists, but as a serious affirmation of the discovery that modern birds cohabitated alongside of dinosaurs. Imagine that!
From my point of view the article’s title, “Winged Victory,” seemed all too appropriate. Sure the author intended a different meaning, but what could be a better title for the recognition that birds actually lived alongside of dinosaurs? That’s victory for bird history. Now what we need from the scientific establishment is mammal victory, marsupial victory and, of course, human victory.
The article did contain several memorable statements, including these:
> “Modern birds, long thought to have arisen only after the dinosaurs perished, turn out to have lived alongside them.”
> “Thus enlightened, researchers have begun reexamining fossil collections from this time period, looking for additional examples of early modern birds.”
Those holding to creation have been enlightened for a long time. But do not look to this article as a major concession and triumph for creation. While it does concede ducklike birds lived alongside of dinosaurs before a proposed asteroid is claimed to have wiped out dinosaurs, the article predictably remains thoroughly saturated with a naturalistic, evolutionistic framework and message.
But who knows the future? As compelling evidence continues to mount, maybe, just maybe, I’ll live to see human victory.

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Barry Newton

Married to his wonderful wife Sofia and a former missionary in Brazil, Barry enjoys trying to express old truths in fresh ways. They are the parents of two young men.

2 thoughts on “Winged Victory

  1. Get involved with your school boards.
    It is time the taxpayers find out what they are paying for.
    Demand that creationism be taught alongside the theory of evolution.
    Before it is too late!

  2. Thanks for posting a response.
    Let me suggest to all of our readers that although we have been conditioned to speak about creationism and evolution, objectivity would suggest addressing these two ideas regarding origins as creation and evolution or creationism and evolutionism.
    Just for a moment, imagine the objections an evolutionist would raise if someone conversely tipped the scales by talking about evolutionism and creation.

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