Time in the Bible

Sometimes we read from event to event in the Bible and because the story has our rapt attention, we miss time markers. Often the Bible will state when something happened, and then we read of the next event in which a time is given, but we skip over that thinking it does not matter. Sometimes years may have passed.
In the case of the death of Ananias three hours passed before his wife showed up where the apostles were meeting, “Now it was about three hours later when his wife came in, not knowing what had happened” (Acts 5:7).
It is tempting to run over that information, but it is there for a reason. We need to get the sense of time passing when we read the Bible. For example, the main events of the Book of Esther take place four or five years after Esther became queen. The text gives dates so that we can figure that out, but in seeing the story of Esther unfold, we may ignore those markers and miss crucial information.

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