Break Through Barriers

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
breakingbricks.jpg“The one who can break through barriers will lead them out; they will break out, pass through the gate, and leave. Their king will advance before them, The Lord himself will lead them” (Micah 2:13 NET).
A ray of hope in the midst of guilt and punishment, the last two verses of Micah 2 hold forth the eventual restoration and victory of Israel.
God is here called “the Breaker,” he who penetrates and blows apart the enemy’s line of battle in order to free his people and lead them to safety. The verbs reinforce the certainty of the event. He is the leader of his people. His action will give Israel victory over her enemies and restore Israel as the covenant people./1
The doom sections of the book of Micah detail Israel’s departures under human leadership. But short bursts of victorious prophecies show the Lord as the Shepherd-King who reverses her fortunes. Micah points then to “complete trust in Yahweh as the only leader worthy of Israel’s full allegiance.”/2
Micah’s prophecy also serves as a pointer for the church. Under human leadership the church has been steered into worldly ways and mechanical methods of work. Progressives continue to take the church far afield of that faithfulness necessary to please the Lord. Saints who mourn such digression wonder how the evil may be undone.
Micah provides us the answer. The Lord himself is at work in our midst. The church is being tested, proven, purified. He has not finished with us yet. In the darkness of infidelity he still casts piercing light to those who would look upward to his guidance. Facing a religious morass lost in its own relativity, the Lord will again take on himself the role of the Breaker to penetrate the fog of immorality and doctrinal laxity to lead his people to victory and restoration as his covenant church.
He will make us discover anew spiritual worship, obedient faith, coherent integrity and the incessant mission of preaching the gospel of Christ. He will move his Spirit among us, make us feel the power of his hand and show us the sudden fall of those who insult the word of Christ. He will pull us closer to himself, protect us as the towers of human ingenuity collapse and give us a surer and firmer step to accompany him until the end.
The enemy besieged the Jerusalem we thought was our haven, but the Lord our Leader breaks through all barriers to save and restore.
He is the deliverer, and he delivers still.
1/ J.T. Willis, as cited in Bruce K. Waltke, “A commentary on Micah” (Eerdmans, 2007): 143.
2/ Ibid.

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