Rubbish in the Holy Place

Shortly after Hezekiah began to reign as king of Judah, he opened the doors of God’s house and made repairs to it, since it had been closed and neglected during Hezekiah’s father’s reign.
Then Hezekiah brought in the priests and Levites. Listen to what he had to tell them, “Hear me, Levites! Now sanctify yourselves, sanctify the house of the LORD God of your fathers, and carry out the rubbish from the holy place” (2 Chronicles 29:4-5).
Sanctifying themselves and the house of God is something I would expect as I read the biblical text. However, the fact that rubbish had accumulated in the temple and that it needed to be taken out, I find astonishing.
Did the previous generations not realize what they had in their midst, that the God of heaven dwelt among them in the temple?
Do we know what the church is? I do not mean the building where the church meets. The church is the house of God (1 Timothy 3:15). How do we treat the church?

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