Fighting the Young and Inexperienced

King Jeroboam of Israel and King Abijah of Judah arrayed their armies against one another, but before the fighting began, Abijah spoke to Jeroboam and Israel, reminding them that God had chosen David and his sons to reign over Israel, but that Jeroboam had rebelled against David’s son Solomon (2 Chronicles 13:4-6).
Then Abijah said, “Then worthless rogues gathered to him, and strengthened themselves against Rehoboam the son of Solomon, when Rehoboam was young and inexperienced and could not withstand them” (2 Chronicles 13:7).
Abijah was right. Rehoboam had just started to reign as king when Jeroboam and Israel confronted Rehoboam with demands, and his youth and inexperience led him to make a bad choice, which divided the kingdom. That hurt not only the king, but the nation.
Is someone young and inexperienced at a job? Go easy on them and remember the Golden Rule, treating him as you wish you had been treated when you were young and inexperienced.

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Don Ruhl

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