Where the Rubber Meets The Road

by Barry Newton
The expressions vary, but the meaning is the same: “When you get down to brass tacks…,” “When the rubber meets the road…” Regardless of how it is phrased, we all have been at that proverbial fork in the road where a decision must be made revealing what really drives our lives.
Long ago, King Hezekiah found himself in just such a crucible of decision. An Assyrian commander had presented an ultimatum. Surrender to being relocated to another country or die under the worst of conditions. His case that those in Jerusalem would be killed if they did not accept his offer was compelling.
Furthermore, if Hezekiah could have seen to the borders of Judah, his eyes would have seen the other cities of Judah, already ascending as plumes of smoke. For Hezekiah, the moment had come when the rubber met the road. What would he do?
Like Hezekiah, we too face decisions. Although some are larger than others, they all contribute toward the direction our lives are going.
When the rubber meets the road, what principle(s) do we rely upon to guide us? Is our first inclination to begin to try to solve the issues of life based upon ourselves or to drop to our knees in prayer?
When we get down to brass tacks, what do we believe makes life work? Who or what can really take care of us?
From cover to cover of the Bible, God is calling us to trust in him while living in accordance with his ways.
Whatever resources to which we might have access are simply tools. This is a completely different way to live than trusting in our resources while seeking a patronizing divine stamp of approval to pursue our will and way.
Who are we when the rubber meets the road?

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