Jerusalem Re-Populated

Judah had been carried away captive to Babylon, but after seventy years the Lord worked through the king of Persia and released those Jews who wanted to return to their land. Ezra listed where families went, starting with Jerusalem, “Now in Jerusalem the children of Judah dwelt, and some of the children of Benjamin, and of the children of Ephraim and Manasseh…” (1 Chronicles 9:3-9). Of those tribes in Jerusalem their numbers were nine hundred fifty-six. There were also priests and Levites there.
The Lord dealt the kingdom of Judah a severe blow, reducing their numbers drastically, because they wanted to follow the gods of the nations, and He showed the children of Judah that those gods could not do a thing.
God is our help. Let us trust in Him always for all things.

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Don Ruhl

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