A Short Reign of Evil

Zechariah (Not the prophet) reigned over Israel only six months (2 Kings 15:8). Yet, in those six months he filled his reign with evil, because he did not learn from the reign of the previous kings (2 Kings 15:9).
His reign came to a shameful end, “Then Shallum the son of Jabesh conspired against him, and struck and killed him in front of the people; and he reigned in his place” (2 Kings 15:10).
Zechariah died by assassination in front of his people. What a sad end! If he had known that he would die so soon after becoming king, would he have reformed his life? Who knows? Only God does.
How long shall each of us live? Shall our lives end today, or shall we live many more decades? Let us hope for the latter, but prepare for the former.

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