God's Will is Not Negotiable

by Brad Price
jailbars3.jpgA United States jail has an interesting policy. If a guard is taken prisoner, the stated policy is to let the captured official die instead of agree to a prisoner’s demands.
It has been said that in this facility a supervisor would watch an inmate kill an officer rather than succumb to a hostage situation involving a guard.
A “no negotiation” policy with prisoners sounds harsh but is understandable. When we look at God, we find that he also has a “no negotiation” policy.
God has given his word and he will not make exceptions to what his word says. In John 10:35 Jesus said the Scripture “cannot be broken” (God will not deviate from what is said in His word).
God’s conditions for salvation, what he requires for worship, and what he demands for faithful Christian service, are expressed in the Bible. Not only are all these things expressed, God will not bargain with man on any of these things.
We must come to God on his terms and serve him in the way he has said or we will not have heaven as our home.
Are you following God in the exact ways described in and by the Bible?


Brad Price is the owner of http://www.abiblecommentary.com, a site that offers a wide variety of Bible commentaries.

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