The Windows We Choose

by Tim Hall
How we view the world around us depends on choices we make.
windowflower2.jpgInside this structure we call “the church building,” I can go to many different windows to see the world outside. Each gives me a different perspective on things. One window provides a view of Oakland Avenue and the many vehicles that pass by.
Another window allows you to look across a yard to a small brick house nearby. From other windows you can see a large green field and a quiet neighborhood beyond. My favorite windows allow me to see the place I call home.
Life also provides various windows through which we can look upon the world, and we are given the freedom to choose which windows will occupy our time. Will the choices we make really matter?
There are electronic media windows that many people frequently choose. Through these you can see reality in a distorted sort of way. Do people who use alcohol and drugs enjoy an exciting and pleasant life?
Is homosexuality normal and to be embraced? Doesn’t everyone cheat now and then, whether on their taxes or on their spouses?
By looking through these electronic media windows, we see life not exactly as it is, but as the producers, directors and advertisers wish for us to see it. In time reality will resemble the fiction.
There are also windows provided to us by friends, family and coworkers. They also allow us to see the outside world, but again in an occasionally distorted way. Is my coworker really covering up a shameful past?
Is it true that the leaders of my nation have lied in order to get their own way? Do I really look better by wearing clothes that at first strike me as being immodest? If I only view my world through the windows provided by my associates, I may or may not get accurate information.
Thankfully there are also windows provided to us by God. Jesus referred to this idea in John 8:31,32: “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
The “truth” to which Jesus alluded is, of course, the word of God, the Bible. By looking through this window, God enables us to see truths that will set us free from deception and enslavement to sin.
It’s the only reliable way to see the world around us. And it’s the only window that will give us glimpses of our ultimate home.
How do we wish to see reality? As it really is, or as the world wants us to view it? It’s a simple choice, but how few choose wisely!

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