The Perfect Missionary

Jesus could have met anyone at that well in Samaria (John 4). He could’ve met a preacher, teacher, scribe or someone who had a great marriage and a flawless reputation.

But God didn’t arrange for Jesus to encounter any of those people. He worked it out so that his son would meet a woman who had been married several times and was now living with a man who wasn’t her husband. A woman, who was probably coming to the well in the heat of the day just to avoid seeing others.

As was his custom, Jesus rose above the status quo. He spoke kindly to a Samaritan. He conversed with a woman in public view. He spent a few minutes with someone most Jews would have never talked to and in doing so converted one of his most effective missionaries.

When confronted with her sin, the woman at the well didn’t let shame keep her from the Messiah. She didn’t offer excuses for her predicament nor did she cower in shame. Instead, she sought the truth and then went to tell others about the stranger who knew her well.

Too many times, we let our past tell us that we aren’t good enough to share the Gospel. We put the responsibility of teaching entirely on the preacher’s shoulders and expect him to save the masses and fill the pews. We’ve forgotten that all of us have a responsibility to preach Jesus.

The perfect missionary in John 4:4-32 rose above her past, was zealous for the truth, and led her friends, family, and neighbors to Jesus but she wasn’t perfect and neither are we.

Don’t let Satan tell you that you aren’t good enough for the love of Jesus. Rise above who you were, be who Christ wants you to be, and start proclaiming him where you are.

Be a missionary!

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