Another Son of David Exalted Himself

Adonijah had not learned from Absalom that you cannot exalt yourself. Therefore, Adonijah exalted himself to the kingship of Israel in place of his father David. The writer of First Kings then says, “And his father had not rebuked him at any time by saying, ‘Why have you done so?’ He was also very good-looking. His mother had borne him after Absalom” (1 Kings 1:6).
David had not stopped Adonijah, perhaps because David had been preoccupied with his declining health. Adonijah was also a very good-looking man, which probably made him popular and he used that to gain a following. Absalom was Adonijah’s brother both physically and, unfortunately, in spirit.
However, once David realized what had happened, he stopped it and made Solomon king. David was able to do this because he listened to a prophet and to Bathsheba, David’s wife.
Listen to people, especially those close to you and live a better life.

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