Snatching from the Fire

Just received news that my niece Samantha lost her home to a tornado in Alabama last night. She nearly lost her baby boy, but her husband was able to grab hold of his foot and pull him down out of the air as the tornado was taking the roof off their apartment. Thank God all are alive and safe! Please keep her family in your prayers./1

How long would a father delay before grabbing for a child being sucked up into the air by a tornado? How much thought would a parent give before throwing himself to save a son?

If the physical life is precious to a father, how much more is the spiritual life of the soul precious to the Father for whom all creation has been named?

And have mercy on those who waver; save others by snatching them out of the fire; have mercy on others, coupled with a fear of God, hating even the clothes stained by the flesh. Jude 22-23

We study and linger, talk and tarry, theorize and temporize. We wait for the right opportunity. We prepare and pray, write and preach to the saved. And fire keeps on destroying.

The apostle Paul walked into a city and proclaimed Christ. He didn’t wait for people to have a good impression or note his fine example. He didn’t start soup kitchens or medical clinics. He didn’t rent or build facilities, start programs or study the culture.

Our day is absolutely no different than his in any respect that matters. We are wasting time, digging in with excuses, whittling away the hours and spending our days entertaining ourselves and our children.

And all the while the Evil One whisks souls away into the dark of the night, sucks them up into his vortex of vanity, snatches them for subjects of his carnal kingdom.

We will suffer and sacrifice for everything but evangelism. God forbid that we be inconvenienced by the lost.
And we never notice the empty crib of the baby spirited away by the winds of the tornado.
1/ Andrea Parker Spradlin, Facebook status update, 2010 April 25. Used by permission.

3 thoughts on “Snatching from the Fire

  1. I also live in Alabama and would like to know which town or area Samantha lived in. Glad they are all well. Thanks.

  2. Stanley, She lives in Albertville, AL. I found out later that they lost nearly everything that was in the bedrooms, which includes every bit of clothing and shoes.

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