The Ashes of Suffering

According to Ruth 1:2-5, Elimelech and Naomi, along with their sons, Mahlon and Chilion, left the land of Israel because of a famine (v. 6 by implication), and dwelt in Moab. That only began the suffering. In Moab, all three men died, leaving Naomi without husband or children. The family lived in Moab about ten years.
Yet, that just begins the story. Naomi acquired two wonderful daughters-in-law and the Bible focuses upon Ruth. Naomi lost so much, but she gained more than she could ever have imagined in Ruth. We gain through Ruth also, because her great-grandson was David, and through David God gave us the Christ!
What have you suffered in this life? Do not despair, for who knows what the Lord has in store for you or your family.

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