The Big Picture

by Paula Harrington
Recently, while flying out west and relaxing against the airplane window, something below caught my attention.
Stretching on, as far as I could see, was the great Mississippi River. Its magnificence fails though when you see it from the small window of an airplane.
Sure, it’s big and over 2000 miles long, but from 30,000 ft, it looks like a little boy took a stick to the dirt. That tiny stream looks nothing like it does when you’re standing on its shore
Aren’t our troubles that way, too? Up close, they occupy our entire view. They threaten to immobilize and strand us on one disappointing side. However, given the big picture, they’re never as big as they seem.
Our daily struggles and heartaches cannot compare to the greatness of our God and isn’t it comforting to know that he is always in control?
How much simpler our lives would be if we remembered that our trials are never too big or too small for the one who spoke Old Man River into existence.
As the turbulence bounced that plane around, I focused on the small brook that is one of the largest waterways in the world and thought of my Savior.
What could I face in this life that He couldn’t get me through? I watched the Mississippi winding away into the horizon and reminded myself, “Nothing.”
Don’t be tricked by the illusions of this world. Though your problems may seem like mountains, if Gods on your side, then they’re nothing but small pebbles on the road to Heaven.
It’s time to put our faith where our fears are and let the big picture fill us with peace, hope, and love ( Romans 8:28-39).

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