Handing Over a Great Warrior to the Enemy

Samson burned fields of the Philistines, because they had burned his wife. Then the Philistines went to the tribe of Judah to capture Samson that the Philistines might burn him. He should not have married a Philistine woman, but she was his wife. Therefore, Samson and his wife were one, and that is why he did to them what they had done to him (Judges 15.9-11).
Then Judah went to Samson to arrest him and deliver him to the Philistines (Judges 15.12, 13). How sad that though Samson was stronger than the Philistines, something that Judah knew because they had three thousand men to arrest Samson, yet, Judah turned one of their own over to the enemy. However, logic did not rule the tribe of Judah because fear ruled them.
Do not let fear rule your life, for if you do, you will not think properly.

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