Who is Responsible for Rape?

by Richard Mansel, managing editor
drunkgirl44.jpgA column in the American University newspaper suggested that young women who attended fraternity parties and consumed alcohol, and subsequently suffered sexual assault, were responsible for being raped./1
What the author said was irresponsible. Rape is a horrific act and the victim is not to blame. However, we can create a dangerous environment for ourselves.
Walking alone at night dressed in expensive clothes and flashing money around in a high crime neighborhood is a dangerous practice. Most would condemn such risky behavior. Yet, when it comes to women putting themselves in danger with alcohol and sex, we are often condemned for warning them.
Alcohol is a deceiver and Christian women should have nothing to do with drinking. Solomon wrote that alcohol “bites like a serpent, and stings like a viper” (Proverbs 23:29-35). The Holy Spirit says that alcohol impairs the mind and causes us to misunderstand what is happening to us./2
It is indisputable that alcohol puts women in danger. “Men are more likely to assume that a woman who drinks is a willing sex partner; they are more likely to interpret her behavior, dress or body language as evidence she wants to have sex.”/3
Men have always used alcohol to gain an advantage over women. “One study found that 70% of women and 80% of men had been drinking when a sexual assault occurred.”/4 This danger is magnified by the existence of date rape drugs./5
“The U.C Berkeley Police Department said that every reported acquaintance rape on campus in a two year period involved the use of alcohol by one or both people.”/6
It is said that, “College men get smashed and break something; college women get smashed and get broken”/7
A 100 pound girl that drinks three beers is ostensibly twice as drunk as a 200 pound male that has consumed the same amount./8 Plus, he is twice her size and exponentially stronger. You do the math.
“Women become drunk faster than men because their stomachs have less of a certain enzyme which neutralizes alcohol, so more alcohol enters the bloodstream.”/9
In fact, “46% of sexual assault victim who had been drinking believed that the perpetrator had planned the event and encouraged the victim to drink beyond her tolerance.”/10
Yet, for some inexplicable reason, women keep falling for Satan’s lie that they can handle it. Studies show that alcohol is the most prevalent date rape drug used on women./11 Alcohol is one of the most serious dangers facing women and yet millions run after it with reckless abandon.
Likewise, young men must be strong enough to resist putting themselves in these positions. Alcohol also lies to men and can steal their faith, innocence and purity away from them, as it strives to overtake their lives.
Rape destroys two lives and no man of any character will ever have anything to do with such a violent and demeaning act. Nor can he approve or encourage others to do so.
Satan and the lifestyle that he pushes, has no redeeming qualities. He will use us and throw us in the gutter like trash. His only goal is to destroy God’s children (Ephesians 6:12). Why would we let him bring sorrow, misery and abuse into our lives?
Christ has provided a way of safety, peace, health and trust. We are in an evil world, but if we remain in him, we will be safe, no matter what (Luke 13:3-5; Mark 8:34-28).


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