Hide and Seek

By Stan Mitchell
“Whoever diligently seeks good finds favor, but evil comes to him who searches for it” (Proverbs 11:27, ESV).
Some time ago (all right, all right, a long time ago!), I enrolled in a Christian university. I suppose I was hopelessly idealistic about what I would find.
All my life I had been told stories of how my parents had attended the same university, how beautiful the singing was, how spiritual the students were, how thrilling the Bible classes.
When I arrived on campus, I found indifference, skepticism, and sinfulness. Young people chatted during chapel services. Students debated the rightness of requiring Bible classes. Class leaders questioned the need to demand a drug-free environment on campus.
What had gone wrong?
I began to grow negative and cynical of those around me.
Then a friend pointed out something that I still remember. “At a Christian College,” he said, “you will generally find what you’re looking for.”
He was right. If you look for flaws in your spouse, you will, no doubt, find them. If you look for weaknesses in your church, they will appear. If you seek weak and indifferent Christians for your friends, you will find them.
But if you look for good in others, if you seek godly company and wholesome activities, you will find that, too.
The good young people on the campus of the Abilene Christian University I knew weren’t hiding; I just wasn’t looking for them!

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