Remaking A People

by Barry Newton
While we might live in a disposable society where the broken, unwanted and unloved wind up in the garbage pail, fortunately God does not treat broken lives so flippantly.
Instead of simply abandoning his people whom he had claimed for himself at Mt. Sinai, when they violated his covenant, God determined to purify Jerusalem by removing its dross in order to forge for himself a holy city (Isaiah 1:25-26; 4:3).
God’s prophet was instructed to announce God’s message, while God would continue to whittle away the evil until only a holy stump would be left (Isaiah 6:11-13).
These are the actions of a God who cares. These are the actions of a Physician removing cancer from his patient. Since there can be no bright future where evil has infested, God chose to go to work rather than merely disposing of his people.
Similarly God has and is working for our well-being. God does not merely abandon us upon the trash heap just because we have become broken. By sending Jesus to die for us, God can remain holy and righteous while purifying those who rely upon Jesus.
With an essential surgery cutting off all that is evil from us (Colossians 2:11-13), God can cause us to be reborn through Christ as new creatures who are spiritually alive. The transforming and enlivening power of God continues to change lives throughout the world.
But how often have we acknowledged that God’s transformation in our lives is also a call for us to deliberately die to a self-driven lifestyle in order to serve our Lord’s will? God’s remaking of our lives entails calling us to pick up our cross daily and follow him who uttered, “not my will, but your will be done.”

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